The Process

Here you will find an example of how we might approach wedding planning for complete wedding planning clients. Proposals can be adjusted to suit your expectations and your budget, but the bottom line is that we will help you focus on the who and the why on the day of the wedding, while we worry about the what, when, where and how.


After a commitment to work together we will start with creative brainstorming sessions. This is the time to throw out lots of ideas, visions, concepts, and objectives. Over time, we will begin to focus those items in to priorities based on your budget and expectations as we develop a plan for moving forward.

Photo by Cramer Photo


Once we have set your initial goals, we will consider venues, cuisine, photography, entertainment, floral, rentals, logistics, and printed materials as we start to define your vendor selections. Throughout this phase we can examine how all the different aspects of the event will work together and will build a team that can acheive your expectations.

Photo by Jack Looney


After gathering a team that will support your objectives we can turn our attention to the exciting details that will reflect your style and set the tone for the event. During this time we will make final edits to event components including printed materials, table design, decor installations, and menu selections while developing logistics such as timelines and layouts.

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To prepare for the big day we will print materials, complete creative details, finish gathering items, and begin assembling particulars for the main event. This is the period when we start checking off the to-do list, but we will frequently assess the manageability of that list and will encourage flexibility with your personal touches as the clock winds down.

Photo by Laura Gordon


As the event approaches we will begin to finalize all the important details (guest count, table layout, schedules, etc.) and transition away from a collaborative approach so that you can focus on your time with friends and family. When the wedding weekend arrives, you will sit back and enjoy seeing things unfold while we work behind the scenes to execute your vision with calm, enthusiastic leadership.

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